Terms and Conditions of our Accelerated Freefall Course

The following are the terms of trade of “Skydive Australia” (“SA”).

New COVID19 Guidelines: Read our update before you book.

Acceptance of Booking Terms and Conditions: Confirmation of a booking and authorisation of payment indicates acceptance of these booking terms and conditions. You also agree to further indemnify SA, it’s associate companies, directors and associates against any risk or action related to your participation in your skydive.

Changes to Product & Pricing: SA reserves the right to change any pricing, special offers, products and packages without notice.

AFF Course Duration: The Accelerated Freefall Course involves completion of several separate learning stages. The duration of the course is very dependent on the weather. As safety is our main concern, if you cannot perform any of the required skydives, they will be rescheduled to a later date.

Australian Parachute Federation (APF) Regulations: The Australian Parachute Federation (APF) regulates the sport of Skydiving and works under the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA). Under these regulations, an APF Membership is mandatory for all AFF course students. The 2 month mandatory APF membership levy is included in the price of your AFF course. Once this membership expires, you are required to obtain a new membership at your own cost. The APF dictates a minimum number of currency requirements that must be adhered to. If a student has not jumped in the past 90 days they must undergo re-currency training and pay the associated costs in accordance with the APF regulations.

Personal Accident Insurance (PAI): Personal accident insurance is included in the cost of the AFF course, and covers you for the duration of your APF membership. Once the insurance expires, it is your personal responsibility to renew your cover at the applicable rate. You will be required to complete the Personal Accident application form and pay the applicable premium.

Payment Policy: Full pre-payment for the entire course is required at the time of booking.

Rescheduling, Cancellations and No Shows by a Customer: Notice of a cancellation must be provided in writing. Cancellations received outside of 14 days prior of the course start date will not incur fees. Cancellations received within 14 days of the course start date will incur a cancellation fee of $250, which is equivalent to the cost of the first stage of the course.

Customer’s Change of Mind - After Commencement: If you have commenced the AFF course and choose not to complete the entire course, the total cost of the course will be forfeited. The course is non transferable and can not be completed at another DZ.

Failure to Pass AFF Course Stages: All AFF course students are required to pass each stage of the course following an assessment by our qualified instructors. Should you not pass any of the course stages, you will be required to repeat that stage, and pay the additional cost of that stage.

Credit Card Surcharges: Credit card payments for skydive bookings, which are processed over the phone directly by our Reservations team or via our direct online booking cart, will not attract credit card surcharges. Credit card payments processed at the drop zones will attract credit card surcharges. Credit card surcharges are subject to change and are non-refundable.

Age Requirements: By law the minimum age to solo skydive in Australia is 16 years old. SA must be notified in writing prior to the jump date if a customer is between 16 and 18 years of age and must have parental or legal guardian consent.

Weight Requirements and Surcharges: Weight is an important factor in Skydiving and Aviation. It affects aircraft weights and balances, fuel allowances, climb rates and equipment maintenance. Due to gear manufacturer’s limitations, the maximum weight of a student is 105kgs.

Medical Conditions: Where possible, SA must be notified prior to the jump date of any existing medical conditions or illness. Medical conditions which could affect the customer’s safety should be discussed with a doctor to ensure customers are fit to skydive. Please advise SA if you are taking prescription medication.

Consumption of Alcohol or ‘Recreational’ Drugs: For the safety of all customers and staff, SA reserves the right to refuse customers who are suspected of being intoxicated or having impaired judgment, and this does not constitute a claim for a refund.

Restrictions for Scuba Diving: Due to medical restrictions, you must not scuba dive within 24 hours of the scheduled skydive jump time.

Restrictions on Personal Electronic Equipment: For the safety of all customers and in accordance with skydive regulations, the use of all electronic devices, including personal camera and video equipment is not permitted on the aircraft or at any time during the jump.

Data Protection & Privacy Policy: SA has implemented in accordance with all the applicable data protection, the necessary organisation and technical security measures within their scope to guarantee personal data protection, and avoid its alteration, loss, illegal use and non-authorised access. SA is dedicated to keeping your details private. Click here for our full Privacy Policy.

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