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Yewww, you heard it right...MORE MATES = BETTER RATES! 

Whether you've got a car load of friends, a sports team, a family, or any group with four or more people, we have an option for you all!

Come along to any one of our drop zones Australia-wide, with four or more people and we will give you some sweet deals. Celebrate for any reason, recharge the mind, reboot a career, gain empowerment - it will put everything into perspective. It's simply a life-changing experience! #skydivewithfriends and let Skydive Australia show you what bonding really looks like.

Choose your closest location from the list below:

·· Sydney-Wollongong ·· Newcastle ·· Byron Bay ·· Hunter Valley ·· Bribie Island·· Brisbane ·· Fraser Island  ·· Noosa ·· York ·· Rockingham ·· Great Ocean Road ·· Melbourne ·· Yarra Valley ··

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