Skydive Sydney-Wollongong sunset

Forget about a boring hibernation at home when winter rolls around, and book yourself an INCREDIBLE winter adventure with Skydive Australia!

We are open year round, Australia wide and with perfect clear blue skies, (and EPIC sunsets) the cooler months bring us the ideal conditions for skydiving from up to 15,000ft!

Do something different this winter and warm up with some heart pumping, freefalling action, falling at up to 200km/h over any one of our epic locations!

Skydive over one of our many beautiful beaches, or get your knees in the breeze over lush green countryside...the possibilities are endless and we have a skydive for everyone! 

Experience the ULTIMATE thrill of freefall and escape the ordinary by skydiving at one of our insane locations this winter...

Blue Skies,
The SKYDIVE crew

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