Chopper Fridays have landed!

Looking for the ULTIMATE tandem skydiving experience? We've got it! Introducing.... CHOPPER FRIDAYS at our Newcastle drop zone!

Catapult from a helicopter, and take your freefalling thrills to the next level. Imagine leaping from a hovering platform 12,000ft over the stunning NSW coastline, with Newcastle and the Lake Macquarie region far below. It makes our skin tingle just thinking about it.

Available every Friday for just $459 at our Newcastle drop zone, helicopter skydiving is next level, and most definitely an escape from the ordinary.

Book online here today, or give us a call for more info.

Freefall in tropical paradise from $199!!

Tropical North Queensland, paradise on earth, and home to three of Australia's most picturesque skydiving locations...

And now you can get high for less, with tandem skydives over Cairns, Airlie Beach and Mission Beach starting at just $199!!!

Get on our wicked *GO LOW* tandem skydive at any of these three locations, and jump from around 6,000ft for a short burst of heart-stopping freefall, followed by a parachute ride to remember above the beauty that is Tropical Far North Queensland.

Book online, or give us a call today to grab your $199 skydive over Airlie Beach, Cairns or Mission Beach.

Our *GO LOW* tandem skydive is now also available in Byron Bay, for just $249 every day of the week! Check it out here.

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