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COVID-19. Coronavirus. The Virus That Shall Not Be Named.

Bet you’re sick of hearing about it, aren’t you? Well, unfortunately for you, us and the rest of the world, it’s here to stay for a while. So, while we’re all confined to our homes, we may as well make use of the spare time we now have!

So, here are a few ways to keep yourself entertained/sane while you’re in lockdown:


Go pretend skydiving

Look, we ALL wish we could be skydiving right now. Since that isn’t an option, we can all go pretend skydiving instead. Don’t worry, it’s super easy:

Step 1: Grab a chair.

Step 2: Stand on chair.

Step 3: Jump off chair onto bed.

Step 4: Close your eyes and pretend you’re in freefall. Feel free to move around and make the same noises you would in actual freefall.

Step 5: Once your freefall is over, slide across and sit on the edge of the bed. This is your canopy moment. Don’t forget to admire the view!

Step 6: Repeat.

Bonus points if you film yourself pretend skydiving and post it to your Instagram story. Don’t forget to tag us - @skydiveaustralia! 


Play Netflix Bingo

Chances are if you’ve already been in quarantine for a while, you’ve likely exhausted your Netflix options. However, have you ever played Netflix Bingo? Basically, you pick an actor or actress, then go and watch every single movie or TV show they are in on Netflix! Once you’ve crossed them all off, you win! Your prize? Satisfaction.

We recommend Denzel Washington’s entire catalogue. You’re welcome.

Organise your pantry

“I wish I had time to organise my pantry,” said everyone ever. Well, guess what? The Virus That Shall Not Be Named has gifted you with just that - time! After you’ve won Netflix Bingo, you’ll probably be pretty bored of watching movies, so why not get cracking on that pantry organisation that you’ve been putting off since the beginning of time? 

Don’t worry, it doesn’t matter if the pantry only stays tidy and organised for a few days, it’s the idea that counts! Plus, you’ll probably still have time to do it again, and again, and again…

Practice your skydive face

If you’ve ever purchased a media package from your jump with us, chances are you’ve realised that it is NOT easy to look good while skydiving. Whether your excitement has taken over and you’ve lost control of your facial expressions, or you simply cannot wipe the terror from your face, there’s no better time than now to start practicing your skydive face.

So, head to the bathroom mirror and get practicing, so when we are ready to reopen and welcome skydivers again, you’ll be good to go. Oh, did we mention that if you upload your skydive face to your Instagram page with the hashtag #ShowUsYourSkydiveFace, you'll go in the draw to win a free skydive? Find out more HERE!

Catch up with your mates for a drink

Just because we’re all confined to our homes doesn’t mean we can’t socialise with our friends over a drink. Set a time that you and your mates are all free, then jump on a group video call with a glass of vino or a beer - it’ll be just like you’re at the pub! Even better, you won’t have to worry about getting kicked out (or overpaying for your drinks).

You could even make a catch-up playlist that you can all listen to at the same time for atmosphere!


Write your ultimate bucket list

Have you ever written down your bucket list? Everyone has plenty of things they want to do or places they want to see before they ‘kick the bucket’, so why not take the time to write them all down? 

Don’t forget to include the number one thing on your bucket list - GO SKYDIVING!


How have YOU been keeping yourself entertained during quarantine? Find us on Facebook or Instagram and let us know!


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