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At Skydive Australia, we want to help everyone experience the absolute thrill that comes with tandem skydiving. That said, there are some limitations on who can jump. We know it can be an uncomfortable experience to pay extra due to your weight, which is why we wanted to let everyone know the reasons why we have to charge this fee.


Skydiving is a very physically demanding job for our tandem masters, and this job is made harder with every extra kilogram they have to carry. Only highly experienced tandem masters are qualified and capable of taking customers over the 95kg threshold, and these are usually the ones who are the strongest and most physically fit. Some of them may even claim to be able to bench-press double your weight… and if they do, please challenge them to it!


Just like our tandem masters, the gear we used for tandem skydiving (such as our harnesses, parachutes, etc) are also put under extra stress with every additional kilogram. When your canopy opens, the gear strapped to you that keeps you safe all the way up there is stretched. The more it is stretched, the sooner it needs to be replaced. 


It ain’t cheap to fuel a plane, and the more weight on board the plane, the thirstier it gets and the more fuel it burns through. It is kind of the same with our tandem masters - they have bigger appetites when they have to work harder!


Flying is a delicate art, and the weight balance of an aircraft is integral to a safe flight. If a plane load is comprised of heavier customers, we have to shuffle the whole plane around and are sometimes required to take less passengers on board to keep within our legal operating weight limits. On occasion, we even have to use a different aircraft to accommodate extra heavy loads.  It is the exact same reason that commercial airlines charge for extra baggage!

We hope the above helps you understand the reasons why we need to have a weight surcharge. If you have any other questions, please reach out to our awesome Skydive Australia crew!


If a customer weighs over 95kgs, our Reservations team must be notified in writing prior to the jump date. At most drop zones, the maximum limit is 110-115kgs.

The following weight surcharges will apply (payable at the drop zone):
95kg - 104kgs = $50.00 AUD
105kg – 114kgs = $75.00 AUD*
115kgs and over = $100.00 AUD**

*Customers weighing over 105kgs, will require an additional assessment by our Drop Zone Safety Officer or Tandem Master due to restrictions to the harness size, weather conditions and safety reasons.

**Note that weight cut-off limits apply and vary by drop zone and by day. At most drop zones, the maximum limit is 110-115kgs. Customers weighing over 110kgs may be able to jump however this is subject to availability of qualified tandem masters and which drop zone they wish to jump at.


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