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Go beyond your wildest dreams and learn to skydive solo with our nine-stage Accelerated Freefall (AFF) skydiving course. Learn to skydive at your own pace with dedicated skydive instructors until you’re ready to try solo freefall, the biggest buzz of all. Master new skills, meet new people and push yourself to places you’ve never been. Many of our AFF students have become world class skydivers, instructors or simply developed an undeniable and unquenchable thirst for the sport.

Progress at your own rate as you learn to skydive solo and experience the thrill of freefall and deploying your own parachute. This internationally recognised AFF skydive course involves up to nine hours of comprehensive ground training before your Stage 1 first jump. We use only state-of-the-art equipment and our highly qualified skydive instructors will help you develop your skydive skills every step of the way so you’ll be flying high solo in no time. 

Once you’ve done the comprehensive ground training, you’ll exit the aircraft with two instructors holding on to you, perform some skydive tasks on the way down, deploy your parachute by 4500 feet, then fly through the sky to your landing area. After the course is finished you can skydive on your own… and decide where you want to go next in the sport.

When you have successfully completed the nine AFF stages, you need to complete ten consolidation jumps to practise the skills we have taught you. You will practise unassisted and accuracy landings and learn how to pack your own parachute. Once you have satisfied the requirements you’ll be eligible to apply for your A Licence from the Australian Parachute Federation.

With an A Licence under your belt, you can hire a rig and jump at other drop zones, jump with others, enter club competitions, enjoy cheaper jump rates, pack parachutes, jump higher performance parachutes and experience flying the skies a whole lot more! Skydiving disciplines include freeflying, flatflying (formation skydiving), freestyle, Canopy Relative Work (CRW), wingsuiting and canopy piloting (“swooping”) to name a few. The sky’s the limit.

Learn to skydive solo in Byron Bay, NSW!

Once you are an official skydiver we have facilities to jump at the following locations around Australia... 

Byron Bay - single jumps $50 per jump

Great Ocean Road - single jumps $40 per jump

Noosa - single jumps $44 per jump

Each drop zone does offer discounts for buying in bulk, however please see manifest crew for more info regarding your location.

Read our AFF Terms and Conditions here

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