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Feel your knees in the breeze this summer with our up to 8,000ft skydives, now available at two new locations - Newcastle and Rockingham! Starting at just $289, these skydives offer you a short burst of freefall with the same epic views over some of the most amazing beaches and cities in Australia. Available at a range of locations, click below to find out more!

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Pluck up your courage and plunge from a plane! These idyllic locations across Australia and New Zealand are calling your name.
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Life feeling mundane? Got something big to celebrate? Just keen to kick start some courage? No matter your reason for planning a skydive, we're here to help you with a skydive package for every budget and every situation.

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Reason #1

Australia's most spectacular views

If you want our honest opinion, skydiving would be fun no matter where you landed. In fact, you could plummet towards a barren desert or an empty field of grass and we bet you’d still be screaming with joy. But when you team your skydive with picturesque views, the experience becomes utterly euphoric. Take a journey to one of our idyllic locations and you’ll be treated to the most spectacular skydiving views this continent has to offer.

Reason #2

Australia's most trusted skydive

Lurching your body out the door of a flying plane is no walk in a park. It requires a hefty serve of courage, some inner dialogue to calm the nerves, but most of all, a team you can rely on. When you take the plunge with Skydive Australia, you’re tapping into 20-years of experience and the best equipment the industry offers. You’re in good hands every step of the way and our team is there to guarantee you a fun and safe environment.

Reason #3

Highest Tandem Skydives

The higher the dive, the greater the thrill. There’s really no doubt about it. With many of our drop zones offering leaps from up to 15,000 feet, our tandem skydives are the highest in the country. No need to learn to skydive solo before you can tumble from well above the clouds. With Skydive Australia piloting the flight, we’ll be getting high as often as possible.

Reason #4

Best Beach Landings

When your toes touch down on solid earth, it’s a little like being reborn. The adrenaline rush isn’t over, it continues pulsing through you while you process the exhilaration of what you’ve just experienced. When all this takes place by the pristine waters of an iconic Australian beach, your skydive is truly next level. Browse our coastal drop zones and find yourself a place to land on the sand.

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