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Skydive Australia Noosa
March 28, 2024

Go Low with Skydive Australia

Go Low with Skydive Australia

If you’re not quite ready to take the leap from up to 15,000ft, you’ll be pleased to learn that we also offer Go Low jumps from just 8,000ft – the perfect taste of a skydiving experience.

We offer these lower altitude jumps at our Airlie Beach, Mission Beach, Great Ocean Road and Noosa drop zones, so you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to picking a Skydive Australia location. Our Go Low jumps are priced from just $289, making them an affordable option as well.

A lower altitude skydive offers you the chance to experience skydiving, at a more affordable rate, with a short burst of freefall (you’ll get about up to 10-20 seconds from 8,000ft or 20-30 seconds from 10,000ft compared to up to 60 seconds when you jump from 15,000ft) and the same amazing views under the canopy.

Don’t worry, if you change your mind on the day and decide you’d rather jump from up to 15,000ft, there is always the option to upgrade!

If skydiving has always been on your bucket list, there’s no better time than now to finally book your jump and take the ultimate leap. We’re waiting for you!

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