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November 7, 2023

65 Degrees North Charity Jump

65 Degrees North Charity Jump

We recently welcomed 12 veterans from 65 Degrees North at our Skydive Noosa drop zone to jump as part of their Australian Trilogy Adventure.

65 Degrees North seeks to help in the rehabilitation of wounded, injured or sick (WIS) service personnel and veterans by offering the opportunity to participate in challenging adventure activities, such as skydiving. Their goal is to change the perception of physical and mental disability through the ‘Spirit of Adventure’, and have witnessed first-hand how it impacts positively on mental health and wellbeing and helps change lives for the better.

The Australian Trilogy Adventure began in Noosa, QLD and the first leg of their journey saw the team take the ultimate leap from up to 15,000ft above the Sunshine Coast at our Skydive Noosa drop zone. The skydive was a great test of their nerve and resolve, with each member finding the courage to take the leap from our skydive plane. After experiencing the rush of freefall and the calm of the canopy ride back to the ground, the group then set off  on the rest of their journey to cycle down along the east coast of Australia.

Steve and the rest of the crew at Skydive Noosa did a fantastic job of providing this special group with an incredible experience, and the team at 65 Degree North had the following to say about their skydive:

“To simply put, it was unique, a ‘Never Been Done Before’ endeavor, making it tough, demanding, and a true embracement of “Rehabilitation Through Adventure. We really appreciate the care and attention Steve and the rest of the team at Skydive Australia gave us. It was an unforgettable experience for all and especially the injured individuals who we are taking through the recovery process.”

Click here if you would like to make a donation to support 65 Degrees North.

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