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October 26, 2023

Skydive Licence Levels

Skydive Licence Levels

Learning how to jump out of a plane solo is not only an incredible experience, but it also opens the door to a number of different career paths and opportunities within the skydiving industry. If you’ve ever wondered how you could become a skydiving instructor, AFF instructor, skydive videographer, or even compete in skydiving competitions, we’ve got all the information you need right here!

The Australian Parachute Federation uses a tiered system of skydiving licence which ranges from A to E. Each level gets progressively harder and more advanced, ensuring that the skydiver has practised a wide range of skills and has gained plenty of experience before moving onto the next tier.

The different levels of your skydive licence are categorised as follows:



The A-Licence is your first step towards becoming a skydiver. To gain your A-licence, you’ll need to complete the 9 AFF stages, as well as complete an accuracy jump where you’ll land within 30 metres of a specific target in the landing area ten times all by yourself.

The Accelerated Freefall (AFF) Course is currently offered at both our Byron Bay and Great Ocean Road drop zones, and is a step-by-step course that teaches you everything you need to know to be able to jump out of a plane completely solo. 



The next step in your skydiving journey are the B-Rels. This stage is designed to help you get ready and prepared to fun jump with other sports skydivers (which is super fun). To complete your B-Rels, you’ll undergo intensive one-on-one coaching with a certified instructor.

To officially gain your B-Rels, you’ll need your valid A-Licence as well as proving to your skydive coach that you are confident and have gained the skills to safely jump in a multi-skydiver scenario!



The next stage to tick off is your B-Licence. To gain this qualification, you’ll need to have already gotten your A-Licence and B-Rels, as well as successfully perform ten nominated landings within 25 metres of a target.

Once you’ve achieved this, you’ll be able to jump with up to nine other skydivers, how epic is that?



Jumping with friends is pretty cool, right? Keep the momentum going in the next stage in your skydiving journey by completing your B-Licence & Star Crest!

Here, you’ll be certified to jump with more than 10 other skydivers, making your time in the sky even more awesome. To get your B-Licence and Star Crest, you’ll need to have completed all previous certifications (that;s the A-Licence, B-Rels and B-Licence) as well as perform three separate, successful eight-to-ten-way formations as the fifth (or later) skydiver to join. Easy!



This is where it really starts to get fun. If you’ve ever wanted to skydive solo at night (flying through the sky in the dark is pretty unbelievable) or jump with a camera so you can record your epic freefall moments, you’ll be able to do that and more with a C-Licence!

To gain your C-Licence, you’ll need to have completed all previous certifications, log at least 100 stable freefall skydives, perform at least ten landings within 10 metres of the target (and make sure they’ve been witnessed), or a 20 x 10m runway, performed without canopy control assistance, AND perform five verified, consecutively nominated landings within 20 metres of the target. 

It seems like a lot, but it is worth it to ensure you are gaining the level of experience needed to move onto to the next stage.



By now, you’re really working your way down the alphabet. Here, you can really start to experience another level of skydiving! 

With your D-Licence, you can chuck on a wingsuit and soar through the sky, or even transition from student to teacher by training to become a B-Rels coach and helping others with their own skydiving journey. 

To gain your D-Licence, you’ll need to have completed all previous certifications (bet you knew that already), plus log at least 200 freefall skydives and perform at least twenty landings within 5 metres of the target. By now, that should be a piece of cake!



Once you’ve hit your E-Licence, you’ve made it to the finish line. Or at least, you will once you’ve completed it. The E-Licence is equivalent to skydiving royalty!

Did you start skydiving because you dream of becoming a tandem skydive instructor? With your E-Licence, you can make your dreams a reality. Don’t forget to check out our available positions once you’re qualified – we’re always on the lookout for the best skydivers for the job.

Not only can you become a tandem skydiving instructor with your E-Licence, but you can also become an AFF instructor and go right back to the start of your journey, but this time you’ll be helping others learn the epic sport of skydiving. Or perhaps you want to teach others how to fly their wingsuits or complete a cool demonstration jump? The skydiving world is truly your oyster.

To finally gain the long awaited E-Licence, you’ll need to have completed all previous qualifications. Need a recap? 

  • A-Licence
  • B-Rels
  • B-Licence
  • B-Licence & Star Crest
  • C-Licence
  • D-Licence

That’s not all though. You didn’t think we’d hand over the E-Licence that easily, did you? You’ll also need to log at least 500 freefall skydives and perform twenty verified landings within just one metre of the target. It’ll be challenging, but worth it!

Learning to skydive is no easy feat, but once you make it to the end, you’ll know that you can achieve anything!

If you’re ready to start your epic skydiving journey, we’re ready to take you along for the ride.



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