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May 12, 2023

Get High with Your Mum with Wave FM and Skydive Australia

Get High with Your Mum with Wave FM and Skydive Australia

Imagine waking up and receiving a phone call from your local radio station telling you that you’d won a skydive! The catch? You have to go RIGHT NOW!

That was the reality for Becky, mum of six, when cheeky daughter Shania nominated her to be part of Lyndal and Crammy’s ‘Get High With Your Mum’ competition on Wave FM.

For the week leading up to Mother’s Day, mum’s across the Illawarra were nominated by their children to go skydiving together. A few lucky contestants were phoned to see if they’d be up for a spontaneous skydive, and to Shania’s delight, on Thursday her Mum said YESLyndal and Crammy quickly bundled them into their car and drove them down to our beautiful Wollongong drop zone where the team were ready and waiting to get them kitted up and into the skies. The sun was shining and the sky was a clear blue – the perfect day for a skydive!

Neither of them had ever been skydiving before, with Shania revealing she’d never even been in a plane. They both seemed relatively calm, if a bit nervous, until we added an extra sprinkling of surprise…

Another of the daughters, Summa, had come along to watch – so we decided to send her up too! As Summa was under 18, she’d need Mum’s consent to skydive, but how did Mum feel about having two of her daughters jumping 15,000ft out of a plane at the same time? Becky had kept her cool well until this point, but this certainly upped the stress levels. Mum agreed to sign on behalf of Summa and we were good to go. 

When they landed, all three ladies were all beaming. Skydiving together above their hometown – that’s a Mother’s Day they’ll never forget. 

Check out video footage of their skydives on our Instagram page.

Shout out to WAVE FM for making this happen, and to Becky, Shania and Summa – thank you for being good sports and bringing your smiles down to the drop zone with us! We had an absolute blast with you!


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